Reading order for Others of Edenton, Others of Seattle, and Branches of Emrys

I’ve had people ask me the chronological order of my books. It gets a little tricky because once Others of Seattle starts, they tend to bounce back and forth. So let me clear it up and give you a list of how it should go for those of you who prefer to read in order. Some of the novellas are fine to read anytime after a certain point. Like Red Queen, or even Summer Rhythm.

I had to reference my timeline in order to get this right, but it goes.
New Beginnings (OOE Prequel)
In Too Deep (OOE 1)
Shadows Fall (OOE 1.5)
Shadows of the Past (OOE 2)
Fated Love (OOE 2.5)
Falling Into Place (OOE 3)
Nights Embrace (OOS 1)
Breaking Free (OOE 4)
Storm Mistress (OOS 2)
Mending Scars (OOE5)
Accepting Fate (OOS 3)
Labor of Love (OOE novella)
Light in Darkness (OOE6)
Blissful Agony (OOE 7)
Seductive Solutions (OOS 3.5)
Changing Destiny (OOS 4)
Summer Rhythm (Nights Embrace Spin off) – Doug’s story, at least part of it.
Coming Together (OOS 5)
Red Queen (OOS novella) technically happens later than it shows in the box set, but it’s okay to read anytime after Nights Embrace
Deep Trouble (OOE novella)
Entangled Darkness (OOE 8)
Storm Wrath (OOS 6) this story picks up right at the end of Changing Destiny but spans past where Coming Together ends.
Deadly Design (OOE 9)
Twisted Bonds (OOS 7 – Coming March 7th, 2017)
Sleepwalker (Branches of Emrys #1 – Coming May 16th, 2017)


And I didn’t list the Combustible series or Pine Barren Pack because they are completely separate from these series.

In Too Deep EbookFated LoveFalling Ebook NE EbookBF Ebook NEW

Storm Mistress Ebook

ebook Mending ScarsAccepting Fate EbookLabor of LoveLID ebookBlissful Agony Ebook

Seductive Solutions 2Changing Destiny Ebook

Summer Fire are

Coming Together EbookRed Queen

Entangled Darkness Ebook

SW ebook