In Too Deep – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The night was fitting. Cold and dark, just like her mood. She was finally leaving all the drama behind. Fallon had no clue where she was going but she had put an entire day’s motorcycle ride between her and all of Isaac’s shit.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket, but she was in no mood listen to Isaac beg her to come back. Because really, who else would it be? The prick had only called about twenty times, and she had already heard all the weak-ass excuses she could stand from the weretiger.

Between trying to ignore her phone and weaving a silencing spell, she didn’t see the dark creature streak out of the woods. Not until it slammed into her Harley. She managed to roll away, wrapping herself in a protective spell while her bike skidded the opposite direction with sparks flying. Her back slammed into a tree, but her shield absorbed most of the impact.

She picked herself up and looked at her broken bike. Even in the dark, she could see how the frame and body had twisted and bent. Shit, she loved her bike more than she ever cared about Isaac. It didn’t look like the best mechanic could put her girl back together.

With a sigh, she glanced over at the big heap of fur curled in on itself. It was too dark to see the creature clearly, but he looked and sounded an awful lot like an injured werewolf.

Perfect, more wereanimals.

Fallon knew she shouldn’t get involved, but she couldn’t leave the injured creature to fend for himself. This was her fault. If she hadn’t silenced her bike and left the headlight on, he could have avoided her. She pulled off her helmet and tossed it and her backpack at her Harley before hurrying over to him.

He was in a half-man form. Only the most powerful wereanimals could do anything other than full beast. She couldn’t help wondering what he was running from.

The werewolf rolled onto his back as she approached.

Goddess, he was huge. Laid out, he was close to eight feet tall. His fur was dark with lighter patches around his massive feet and clawed hands. The hair at his chest and abs was thinner, showing off layers on layers of muscle.

“You better not make me regret this,” she warned as she knelt beside him to get a better look at his injuries. His shoulder was a wreck. It looked like someone, or something had tried to tear his throat out. His wrist was torn to shreds the way only an overzealous vampire can manage.

Well, this is just getting better and better.

His big icy blue eyes went wide. “Go, run…” He let out a pained howl. “Not safe.” He tried to shoo her away, raising his injured arm to hold her back, but then his arm fell to the ground with a thud.

Shit. He was trying to send her away, which meant the vampires would likely come back for him. That made him an unwilling snack while making the vampires greedy assholes.

She couldn’t walk away from anyone in need, especially not in his condition regardless of what was coming after him. Still, something stronger held her there, urging her to heal him. The feeling was instinctual and not one she wanted to fight.

“Please, just go,” he panted, feebly trying to push her away.

Her eyes narrowed at him. “All you werewolves think you’re the toughest shit out there. Just chill out and give me a minute.”

He sucked in a breath as he stared at her.

With a little effort, she focused her energy and imagined a circle of protection, an invisible wall wrapped around them. She gently covered each of the bites with her hands and softly sang a healing spell.

Odd, his skin knit together way too fast under her touch. The wolf let out a ragged sigh, and then his breathing slowed as his body relaxed. “What are you?” he whispered as his big clawed hand came up to caress her face.

Fallon fought the impulse to lean into his touch, but couldn’t fight her smile. “We can worry about that later. Now, this part is going to hurt like a bitch.” She almost felt bad as she climbed onto his massive chest, and placed both hands on his damaged shoulder and arm. With as much strength as she could summon, she shoved. His arm snapped into place with a sound like a baseball bat hitting a cement wall.

He howled into the night and rolled onto his side as she scrambled out of his way.

“Shh, now. You’re okay,” she murmured as she settled beside him. Fallon covered as much of the massive joint as she could and sang a spell to ease some of the pain.

It must have worked, because his body went lax, his breathing slowed, and his fur started to recede. Then he started to snore softly which came as a surprise. There was no doubt in her mind that he would still need medical attention. She could close the wounds and dampen the pain, but she knew from experience that her healing wasn’t much more than a bandage and some mild painkiller.

Watching a wereanimal change just creeped her out, so she stood and turned her back. Healing always chilled her hands but now they were like ice. She had to rub them together to get her circulation going.

Fallon stepped free from her shield and prepared herself. She could feel the dark menace of at least two Shadowstalkers, which were the most feared of the vampire breeds. They could manipulate shadows and were more adept at mind control than other vampires. Their thirst for Other blood was like an addiction and they ignored the rules most vampires lived by.

She had to wonder why the hell they were after the werewolf.


* * * *


A breeze stirred Brody out of his slumber. The pain was gone, the burning gone, and he was buck-ass naked on the pavement. What the hell? Then he remembered crashing into her bike, the angel who healed his wounds and gave him peace he hadn’t felt in years.

The vampires. Shit. Brody slammed back into awareness and bolted upright as he searched for her. He had been outside the bar getting ready to run when he was attacked by a male and female. He hoped he killed them because he didn’t want them going after his savior.

His gaze locked on her. Angel? Make that fallen angel because her motorcycle leathers fit her like a second skin. Her long red hair blew in the wind and she looked wicked pissed as she glared into the tree line. He couldn’t hear or smell anything out of place, but she sure as hell sensed something coming and she looked determined to tear whatever it was apart.

A raven haired vampire streaked out of the woods and ran straight for the woman with a blood curdling screech. Brody had twisted her head completely around, he couldn’t figure out how the hell she was up and moving.

He roared and ran for the vampire, but slammed into a wall of nothing as he promptly slid to his knees. Desperate to stop the vampire, he threw all of his strength into beating his way through the barrier, and got nowhere.

The redhead didn’t even spare him a glance. She just dropped to her knees and brought her hands up over head as a wall of earth rose around her to form a dome. The vampire ran straight into the earthen wall and fell back in convulsions as if struck by lightning.

Brody saw the crack in the wall the same time the vampire rolled to her hands and knees. She must have seen the weakness because she shot up from the ground and blurred straight for the crack.

Feeling useless, Brody shouted. “Watch out, she’s going to bust through.”

The dome shattered, but his angel was incredibly fast with a glowing blade, slicing straight through the vampire’s neck, sending the head rolling his way. He couldn’t figure out where the dagger had come from. There was no room to fit the blade under her leathers.

The severed head hit the invisible barrier with a wet thunk, and he glanced down to see smoke rising from the smoldering neck. When he looked up, the rest of the body disintegrated into ash, blowing away on the wind as the empty clothes fell to the ground.

Then he really looked at the redhead and his heart slammed against his ribs. Even covered in blood and ash, she was breathtaking. The light of the moon caught in her brilliant red hair when she tossed it over her shoulder. Her pale skin glowed and her vibrant green eyes sparked as her eyes locked with his.

She walked back to him and dragged her foot through her barrier, breaking the spell. “Sorry.” Her voice was like honey and smoke. “Wasn’t sure how long you’d be out, and I wanted to make sure you were safe.” She glanced away, the corner of her mouth twitching up. Damn, he found her attractive.

“Are you all right?” he asked as he took a step toward her. Brody wasn’t sure he would be, not after a motorcycle crash, and all the magic she threw around.

Before she could answer, her eyes darted back to the trees.

“You killed my Isabelle,” a second vampire screeched, the sound getting closer. Then Brody caught a glimpse of the shadow streak out the woods, heading straight for her before Brody could move.

That was the same male from before. Brody had ripped the bastard’s arms off, but now the limbs were reattached. His shirt sleeves were missing and blood covered his arms. The muscles jumped and twitched and his fingers spasmed. His head was still misshapen, but not as bad as Brody left him.

“You’re next.” The redhead smiled coldly as she spun out of reach. The vampire sailed straight through where she stood just a second before. He slammed into a tree with enough force to crack the trunk in half, and landed on his ass.

Brody’s mouth fell open—the damned tree was a redwood in training.

She held her dagger to her thigh with one hand and brought her other up in a swirling flourish. A spark flashed to life in her palm, whirling and spiraling into a ball of dancing blue energy as the vampire sprang to his feet and charged at her.

She threw the spell which hit the vampire square in the chest like a fastball and knocked him to the ground. She gracefully ran to him and leapt onto his chest as she brought the blade toward the creature’s heart like she assassinated vampires on a regular basis.

Stronger and faster still, the vampire screamed and caught her wrists, flipping her over so fast he couldn’t be sure if the blade hit its mark.

Brody damn near blacked out from rage when he heard her slam into the pavement. The bastard had pinned her to the ground, and closed his mouth over her throat. Brody burst into motion without a single thought. A roar rumbled from deep in his chest as he barreled toward the vampire. He wrapped his hands around the creature’s massive shoulders and ripped him off of her.

The vampire’s body crumbled, blowing away on the wind as his coat and shirt deflated and his pants fell to the ground. He dropped the clothes and heard the blade clatter on the pavement. Stumbling back, Brody choked on the thick cloud of ash. He couldn’t see a damned thing.


* * * *


Sheriff Hayden Hunter sat at the bar and took the last drink from his beer. Jess was at the end of the counter talking with one of the customers. The pint-sized werewolf tucked a loose lock of blond hair behind her ear and nodded to his empty bottle.

Before he could respond, she froze as her eyes drifted toward the hall behind Hayden. He looked back to find Clint rushing toward them.

Clint brushed a hand over his short brown hair and swung his green eyes back and forth between Hayden and Jess.

“What is it?” Hayden asked.

“I need to show you both something,” he said, and motioned toward the door. Hayden’s eyes narrowed as his brow cranked down. It had to be urgent if a werewolf enforcer was coming directly to the sheriff and the alpha’s mate, instead of calling the alpha himself.

Jess came around the counter. “I think I know what’s up,” she whispered.

Hayden stood and gave Jess a sideways glance. They followed Clint as he started for the back door. The smell hit him the second they stepped outside. Copper and death. As an Earth Fae, his sense of smell was about as strong as the weres.

Jess paused and her nose wrinkled before she looked up at him with wide eyes.

Clint turned toward them. He rubbed his hands down his thighs and started talking a hundred miles an hour. “So, I was on my way home when I came out the door. I smelled this stench and followed it back to Adam’s truck where Brody’s clothes are. I don’t know what the fuck happened but it looks like a slasher movie back there.” He turned on his heel and hurried to the back corner of the parking lot

There was a lake of blood next to Adam’s truck.

Hayden looked to Jess, who was ghostly pale. She blinked up at him with wide eyes. “I need to call Slater.” Then she rushed back to the bar.

He was curious what she knew, but he turned back to the scene to look for clues. That much blood had to be vampire, but he scented two, not one. Brody had definitely been back there. His clothes were in the truck just like Clint said. It looked like Brody had planned to shift and run, which Brody did often enough.

Walking around the mess, Hayden took a closer look at where the parking lot gave way to the trees. There were traces of Brody’s blood on some of the leaves, and his tracks were new, but not fresh. They disappeared into the woods like he tore out of there at a dead run. The vampire blood was still warm and couldn’t be more than a few minutes old.

“Clint.” Hayden turned toward the werewolf enforcer. He hoped the little shit would keep his mouth shut long enough for them to figure out what in the abyss was going on. “I need you to clean this mess up. I’m sure Slater will appreciate the help. No one wants to scare anyone in the bar. Especially not Brody’s brother.”

He hesitated. “Is Brody okay? What happened?”

With the way Brody ran off, Hayden assumed so. “I think he is, but I need to find him.”

Brody was a good friend and Hayden wanted to find him before the vampires did. From what he could see, Brody incapacitated the vampires and ran, maybe to lure them away from the bar. He was probably heading for the alpha’s and had a head start on the vampires.

Clint nodded. “Sure, cleaning up isn’t a problem.”

Hayden walked back inside and found Jess on the phone, pacing in her small office. She looked up, her eyes glittering with frustration. “She’s not answering. Damn it.”

“Who isn’t?”

Jess stopped, turned and glared at him, but spoke into the phone. “Fallon, I know you’re driving, but you need to answer the damned phone. Of course you won’t, I know you won’t. Shit.” She hung up and shoved her phone in her pocket. “Look, go to my house. Brody and Fallon can fill you in there. I’m not totally sure what the hell happened, but they’ll both be fine. Just go. Please.”

Hayden resisted the urge to shake the answers out of her. The little woman was psychic, but she wasn’t sharing what she saw. “You’ll answer my questions there?” he asked gruffly, not real keen on wasting time.

“Of course I will, but I don’t have them all. I just know it has to do with the Dales. You remember those bastard vampires who were snooping around a month ago?”

“The ones we scared off? The ones who haven’t been back since I chopped a couple of them down?”

“The very same.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Look, I need to get over there, but I need to tell my staff first. I’ll be home shortly. Do me a favor, make sure Clint cleans that mess up before someone else can stumble on it.” Then she stormed past him.

Hayden walked out the back and to his SUV. He wanted to get to the bottom of this and fast.


* * * *


Damn, Fallon’s head hurt as she blinked up at the stars pulsing like a thousand tiny strobe lights. Her throat was a mess. That werewolf didn’t help when he ripped the vampire’s fangs out of her. She gave him an A for effort, but instead of two punctures she was going to need stitches.

She sat up slowly, tracing the jagged tears in her skin and winced. That was exactly why she should have minded her own damned business. With a sigh, she wove a spell to stop the bleeding, but didn’t have the energy manage more.

Once her vision cleared, her gaze caught on washboard abs with a golden trail of hair she didn’t dare follow down because she already wanted to lick him. She forced her eyes up over his sculpted chest and muscular arms to his face.

Wow, she thought, he was gorgeous everywhere. His smoky blue eyes were wide and glued to her, his brow wrinkled, and his full mouth was set in a frown. He stared at her the same way people watch a lethal accident, unable to pull his gaze away. She didn’t blame him—but hello, she just saved his ass.

Her eyes narrowed on him. “You’re welcome.”

He blinked as one corner of his mouth lifted. “Uh, sorry. Are you okay?” He stepped closer and reached out to her.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Ignoring his outstretched hand, she climbed to her hands and knees and found her dagger in the pile of clothes and ash. She whispered a word and the blade disappeared in a burst of light, making her vision swim as she felt it meld back into her skin.

“Any more vampires after you?” She sincerely hoped the answer was no. She was pretty sure she already had a concussion. Luckily, Fallon didn’t sense any Others besides herself and the wolf, but she wasn’t at a hundred percent.

“Don’t believe so. Those were the only two I saw back at the bar.”

She leaned forward on her hands and tried to breathe deep. The stench of burning vampire overwhelmed her, and nearly made her empty stomach heave. She hadn’t eaten in hours, and healing always made her nauseous and hungry. The last thing she wanted to do was be sick in front of the sexy and very naked werewolf.

Thankfully it was dark because she really didn’t need a better view of his masculine perfection.

Why the hell couldn’t she get her mind off the werewolf?

He crouched down beside her and helped her back up to a sitting position. “Are you all right?”

Hell no. She nodded her head anyway. Besides, the werewolf didn’t have a single damned injury. What the fuck? That couldn’t have been all her. She barely managed to patch herself up. He had to be really high up in the pack structure to heal so fast. Nothing else made sense.

Fallon stood up and her vision went fuzzy. She closed her eyes a second, and gingerly touched the back of her head. There was a big knot, and it was tender.

She felt his eyes on her, and found him frowning as he took her in. Gritting her teeth, she glared back. She had a good reason to look like hell.

Wait, she reminded herself that she didn’t care what the hell he thought.

“You have a phone?” His voice was deep, a little rough and growly with a southern drawl. Normally the cowboy thing would annoy her, but his voice felt like a caress.

Maybe she hit her head harder than she thought, because now that the vampires were out of the way, all she could think about was how tempting the big bad wolf was. That was stupid because she was done with men, especially big, sexy wereanimals.

“Yeah.” She dug out her phone. He took it and his brow reached for his hairline as he looked at the display. He probably saw all the missed calls from Isaac, but she didn’t think this wolf would know the weretiger she just left.

He dialed a number.

Wondering where exactly she was, she turned to take a look around. All Fallon remembered was that she was in Washington, and heading toward Idaho, because what the hell and Canada didn’t seem all that appealing.

His annoyingly sexy voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “Hey, Slater, I need a pickup and some clothes. Bring the flatbed. I wrecked a motorcycle, and I need to help the owner.” He paused briefly and frowned at her. “You should have Dakota come by to heal her, but I’m not sure what she is.” His brow wrinkled as he studied her. “Not a mage, or witch, but definitely some kind of magic user. She saved my ass, we need to help her.”

Slater? Why do I know that name? She shook her head and had to press her hands to her eyes until her the dizziness abated. Help? She didn’t need help. She needed some food, a motel room, a shower and then some sleep, preferably in that order.

She stumbled toward her bike and stared down at it with a heavy sigh. Her motorcycle looked about as good as she felt, which was saying something because she felt like roadkill.

Fallon heard the werewolf describing their location. Something about what he said rang a bell.

His back was to her when she looked. She couldn’t help noticing the tattoo of a wolf head on his shoulder-blade. The artist was good, maybe not as good as her, but definitely talented.

Then she noticed his tight, round ass and really wanted to take a bite.

He started to turn, and she dropped her gaze back to her bike. The world spun, so she closed her eyes, but her knees started to give. His warmth enveloped her as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her against his big hard body. She was tempted to snuggle into him.

Oh, hell no.

Before she could protest, he let her go and stepped back, raising a single brow with one hand still on the phone. “Sitting would be better,” he told her.

Her jaw clenched. Who does he think he is? My Dad?

He snorted. “Not you, Slater. This woman’s stubborn. I think I’m making her nervous, but she’s hurt. Probably concussion, maybe worse, but neither the vampires nor my wolf scared her—Yeah, see you soon.”

He hung up and passed the phone to her. “Why aren’t you healing yourself?”

Fallon shrugged, and winced at the pain in her throat. “Too wiped out.”

“You didn’t have a problem fixing me.”

She folded her arms over her chest and glared at him. “You all heal so damn fast. I just patched up your obvious wounds and put your shoulder back in place. The rest was all you.” And she may have used too much energy when trying to ease his pain. She could cast offensive magic all day long, but healing wiped her out. For some stupid reason, she didn’t like the idea of the werewolf hurting. Not that she would ever admit it.

The werewolf shook his head and smeared his fingers in some of the blood on her jacket. Before he could reach her throat, she caught his wrist and held his hand back. “Oh, no you don’t.”

“Stubborn.” His eyes narrowed to slits. “It’s an easy fix. Even I know that.”

Raising one eyebrow, she shook her head. “Sure the vampire blood would heal the wound but I’m not taking any chances. Their blood has mingled with Goddess knows what, and unlike you, I can get sick.” Besides, there was a good chance some of the blood was his from when he was still a wolf and could possibly infect her. Being wereanything would screw with her magic.

The look of concern on his face made her uncomfortable. She turned her gaze back to her busted motorcycle.


* * * *


Brody just wanted to help the woman but she wasn’t making it easy. Clearly she didn’t want to act weak in front of him, but he could smell her pain. She needed to sit down and take it easy.

With a weary sigh, she glanced up at him. “Happen to know where a good shop is?”

Maybe he could help her. “Yeah. Actually, I own a shop. I specialize in rebuilding Harleys.” He nodded toward the bike and turned to look at her. “I think I owe you for that.”

Her laugh was harsh. “You had vampires after you. It’s not your fault you didn’t see me.” She shrugged, a smirk playing on her lips. “Besides, I had the lights out and a silencing spell going.”

His mouth fell open. “What? Why? It’s pitch black out here?” Christ, was she trying to kill herself? His heart hammered in his chest.

She snorted. “Didn’t want to be pulled over. Again.” She casually reached out for the tree like she was going to lean against the trunk, but missed and nearly fell.

Once again, he caught her, wondering why the hell she couldn’t just admit she was hurt and needed to rest. This time he sat her down on the side of the road.

“Please, just sit,” he growled.

“Fine,” she grumbled, but didn’t argue. She crossed her legs Indian style and put her hands flat on the ground behind her

Brody sat down next to her, hoping she’d stay put. He wanted to make sure she was okay, but had a feeling she’d kick his ass for trying. That made him smile.

She sighed, and he looked over to find her staring out into the woods. She was absolutely stunning, had attitude up the wazoo, and brass balls the size of a semi. Plus, he’d never seen a sexier woman in his life.

When she finally met his gaze, she said, “Look, I don’t have a lot of cash. I left in a hurry and couldn’t carry much. Is there a cheap motel nearby?”

Brody slowly nodded. “I have a better idea.” Her eyes flashed, but he put his hands up in surrender. “Just hear me out. Okay?”

“Talk.” Her eyes narrowed, and she looked awfully dangerous just then, injured or not. Apparently she wasn’t real trusting. Then again, she had a naked stranger sitting next to her. He wouldn’t trust him either.

“I’m Brody Dean, and I’m pretty sure you’re Fallon O’Shea. Jess Abrams was the last person to call you. You missed her call.” He watched her mouth pop open, and her eyes widen. He was willing to bet Jess called to warn Fallon, and he wished she had warned him before he ever left the bar.

“Jess showed everyone in Edenton the magazine showing off all of your tattoos.” Her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink as she looked away. Maybe that magazine wasn’t the best thing to bring up. Now, all he could think about was her perfect body and all her ink. Her entire back was covered with a waterfall scene, both arms had full sleeves, and she had several other individual pieces. The humming bird under her left breast was his favorite. Brody wanted to explore every inch of her, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, he felt desire.

“Of course she did,” she muttered, bringing him back to reality.

“Anyway,” Brody continued, “Jess is going to chew my ass for nearly getting you killed and wrecking your bike. I have an empty apartment above my garage, and it’s yours as long as you want. My garage is not attached to the house. There’s only one key, which you can have. At least until I fix your bike, which I will be fixing since I am the one who busted the hell out of it.”

She shook her head and opened her mouth like she was going to argue, but headlights washed over them. Groaning, she covered her eyes and looked away. “Shit, that’s bright.”

He reached over, gently touching her shoulder.

“That your guy?” Her tone was resigned

“Yeah. He happens to be Jess’ mate and the local alpha.” Fallon didn’t trust Brody, but she trusted Jess, so maybe between the three of them, they could talk her into staying in his apartment.

Brody looked up to see Slater hopping out of the truck. He scratched his neatly trimmed beard as he took in the scene. The alpha shook his head and walked over. He tossed some sweats and a t-shirt at Brody who hopped up to quickly dress.

Fallon stood up slowly, but Brody stayed close and kept an eye on her.

“Hey, I’m Slater. Let’s get you back to my place where we can get you looked at.”

“So, you’re Jess’ man?” Fallon smirked, one scarlet brow arched. “Figures she wouldn’t mention that you’re the pack alpha.”

“She wasn’t sure how you’d take that little tidbit. She told me about the mess with Isaac.”

“Of course she did.” She let out an amused laugh, and damn she was sexy. “As long as Jess is happy, you could be a demon and I’d be fine. But after the last man she was with, and the way she tears down every man I’ve ever dated, she probably didn’t want to give me any ammo.”

Slater grinned. “Probably not.”

Fallon rubbed the back of her neck. “So, how long has Jess known I was heading this way?”

“She mentioned it was possibility a couple weeks ago. She’s kept it pretty hush, said she didn’t want to jinx the chance of her best friend moving up to Edenton.”

“Right. And honestly, I wasn’t consciously driving this way, but when I got to Seattle, I figured I-90 was a good place to turn east.” A shiver wracked her body as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Mind if I sit in the truck?”

Brody was pretty sure she was only on her feet through sheer force of will. He didn’t wait for Slater’s response, just scooped her up and carried her to the truck. He did his best to hide the smile at having her in his arms. It felt like she belonged there, which should have scared him.

“Sorry,” he murmured into her hair. “You looked like you were going to fall. We’ll get you to Slater’s in just a minute. I promise.”

She didn’t open her eyes, just nodded as he opened the door.

He sat her on the bench inside the truck. Then he reluctantly released her before taking a step away. “Be right back.” He shut the door. When she didn’t bother looking at him, he turned to walk back to Slater.

Slater got the bike on the truck and gave him an unsettling look. “I know that look, Brody. I know that feeling.”

Brody knew exactly what he was talking about. Slater reacted the same way when Jess came to town. But he couldn’t be mating to Fallon. Could he?

He shook his head. “I nearly killed her when I slammed into her bike. She gets up and heals me like it was no big deal, shoves my shoulder into place and puts my wolf to sleep. Then she blew my mind with the spells she slung around. She was incredibly fast and obviously knows what she’s doing because she killed both vampires.”

Slater chuckled. “You’re both in one piece.”

Brody was surprised to hear his own growl. “I fucked up. I nearly ripped her throat out when I freaked out and yanked one of them off her. She already took care of him. I just didn’t realize it until the bastard burst into ash. Damn it, I could have killed her.” He wanted to punch something for hurting his woman.

His? Where the hell did that come from?

Slater rolled his gray eyes. “You didn’t know she was going to be on the road, so just stop. For future reference, you don’t tear a vampire away when their fangs are engaged. She won’t hold it against you.” He nodded toward the truck. “Come on. Let’s get back to my place.”

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