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My name is Brandy L Rivers. I’m a wife and mother of three with an overactive imagination. I’ve been obsessed with monsters and magic for pretty much ever.  I decided to write the stories that keep me awake at night.


You can find me on Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Createspace, Smashwords, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you are interested in being a featured author, you can contact me. I like to read one of your books before I do the post though. Just a warning, that might take me a bit, but I’m happy to do it.

I started writing at a very young age. It probably didn’t help that I won the young author award in first grade, it might have started it all.

If you haven’t figured it out, I love to read. Those choose your own adventures were an early favorite. Then I moved on to Stephen King at 10. Hey, my grandmother who I love dearly got me started on horror movies at 5. Then by 12 I was reading Anne Rice. I read just about anything, but I love my monsters and magic.

Some of my favorite authors are Lauren Dane, JR Ward, Gena Showalter, Laurel K Hamilton, and so many more.

If you have feedback, want to be a featured author, or just want to contact me, you can send me a letter or email me.

Email –

Brandy L Rivers
PO Box 2154
Sumner, WA 98390


15 thoughts on “Meet Brandy

  1. I love all LOVE your other book, just wanted to let you know. I haven’t enjoyed a series this much in a long time thank you.

    1. I meant Other books the series lol wow shouldn’t have stayed up so late finishing Storm Mistress but couldn’t stop lol again love this series

  2. Please tell me you have someone for Hayden. The protector of all. That genital earth giant touch my heart. He always watching others fall in love. There has to be a spirited women for him.

  3. I have to tell you that Falling Into Place is by far my favorite book!! I can’t wait for it to come to!! You are a great author and I love reading and reviewing your books!!

  4. Brandi,
    I would love to be apart of your street team. I review for ARC< NOR and individuals. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Brandi,
    First, I want to tell you I just love your work. Is there a chance of you writing how Gabriel and Opal met and fell in love? I do hope so since it would show more about the man that practically raised Fallon. Plus who wouldn’t love to see how a bad ass druid fell in love with a nymph.

    1. There is definitely a possibility of me writing a story for them. Not yet, but if I ever spin off into San Francisco there is a very good chance I’ll do it then. I do love those two, and I think it would be fun to explore them. Right now, I’m working on a story in Seattle. I just uploaded the next Combustible book for it’s release on January 6th, and I’m not totally sure which book I do after Twisted bonds, yet. Don’t worry, I have a hard time not writing.

  6. Hi love all your series, i like to know how i can go about changing by email adress in your newsletter and other emails i usually get,you have me under and i just change it recently the new email is below.

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