Two days until The Callback is out. Here’s an exerpt

Hey everyone,

Wow, time is flying. The Callback comes out Tuesday. I’m excited to share this story with you.

Luke’s an actor who’s recently figured out something is missing. Then he hears an author sold the rights to his favorite book. One meeting wasn’t enough.

Leona’s world is in upheaval. She’s recently divorced and has a new huge, but terrifying opportunity. Then Luke introduces himself, and she’s convinced his only interest is a part in the movie.

She couldn’t be more wrong. How far will Luke go to prove it?

Here are a couple of teasers, and after that I’ll share the exerpt.


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And that exerpt I promised

The Callback

Love Behind the Scnes #1

Copyright 2017 Brandy L Rivers

Time seemed to crawl for Leona. Only two songs had played, so she hadn’t been sitting there ten minutes.

However, until she saw Mona again, she wouldn’t take off. After her second double, she stared at the tequila in her cup and let her mind wander to her newest project.

Another man sat beside her, but she didn’t bother looking over. Nope, it was too soon after the divorce was final to bother with all that. And she was still rolling around the fact her book would be a movie.

“I love Midnight Daughter: Origin.”

Leona attempted to ignore the comment. Sure, that was her favorite book she’d written, but she wasn’t expecting to be recognized. Let alone by a man to claiming that as his favorite considering the leading lady saves herself and stops a war from breaking out.

When she didn’t respond, he continued, “Carissa is a strong individual who doesn’t take bullshit, but loves fiercely.”

Her brow cocked as she turned to meet the most penetrating deep dark eyes she’d ever seen. Her breath caught in her throat when she recognized the gorgeous actor beside her.

Oh shit, she’d been drooling over him since the last time she went to the movies with Mona. And he was even more breathtaking up close and personal.

Also, young. Twenty-four years old, eleven years younger. And he looked at her like he wanted to devour her.

Managing not to squirm in her seat, she swallowed her sudden nerves and smiled. “Thank you, though you’re not my typical reader.”

He held out his hand. “I’m Luke Chance.”

Accepting his offer, she was surprised by smooth skin interrupted by a few calluses. A shiver worked through her. “I recognize you, and you seem to know who I am.” A surprise. Unless he was going for a role in Midnight Daughter.

Her heart sank.

But then, she realized, if anyone knew how the industry worked, he would. She didn’t have a say in who they chose.

Light danced through his eyes as he wet his bottom lip. “Leona Shay. My favorite author. Your books suck me in and keep me turning pages late into the night.”

A laugh bubbled up. “Really?”

His eyes traveled down her body and lingered on her breasts. “You do.”

A shot of lust rolled through her and she shoved it back down. There was no way in hell he wanted her. She was eleven years older and felt a little skeevy over the fact she could totally see herself wrapped around him. Maybe if her niece hadn’t watched that show he was in when he was just thirteen, it wouldn’t weird her out.

“Thanks.” She turned back to the bar and gulped down the tequila. She had a feeling she would regret the decision later, like in the morning. “I take it you’re going for a role in the movie? Man, that’s acting fast. I signed the deal this afternoon.”

“Not yet. They need to write the script first. But I’d love to play Blake. He’s an amazing character.”

She held back the laugh that wanted out. They couldn’t be much more different. Blake was broader, blond, and blue-eyed. Luke Chance had curly black hair, the deepest, darkest eyes she’d seen and was leaner, though still well defined if he was always in as good of shape as he’d been for the last movie she watched him in. “Sorry, you’re not what I see in the role.” She met his gaze. “Not that I have a say. But you’re nothing like what I see.”

He let out a breath. “True, I don’t look like him. But, there are contacts, bleach, wigs, any number of things.”

She lifted a shoulder.

Then he challenged her. “Who do you see in the role?”

She groaned. “Blake, and yeah, that may be stupid because he’s not real, but he is in my head.”

“Which is why it’s so easy to connect to your characters. Every one of them feel so real.”

She ran her finger around the rim of the cup. “I don’t know what to say. You bring characters to life for everyone to see.”

“I do that with one role in a movie. You do it for every character in a book.”

Her brow scrunched. “It’s a different medium. And you make me forget about you while you play a character. I just see the person you’re portraying. I can’t say that about every actor.”

“Thank you.” He leaned closer. “Want to dance?”

A nervous laugh bubbled up. “Sorry. No.”

He studied her a moment. “Why not?”

She tried to conjure replays of that show. Luke as a teenager.

Nope, she couldn’t.

All she could see was him in that stripper movie Mona dragged her to last month. And he’d had plenty of roles since becoming an adult, in movies ranging from historical pieces, to sci-fi, and everything in between. The man was a great actor. She hadn’t lied about his talent.

One corner of his mouth turned up. “You don’t go to a club not to dance.”

“My best friend dragged me out. I don’t want to be here.”

“You look like you belong here.”

She barely held back the snort. “I don’t need empty flattery.”

“Not flattery, the truth. That dress…I’m not the only man here who’s noticed.” He took his time perusing her body and it took every ounce of will she possessed not to squirm under his heated stare.

Heated stare. From Luke Chance. Must be dreaming.

“I don’t like the spotlight,” she muttered, turning back to motion for another shot.

He leaned closer to hear what she said. Man he smelled good. “One dance. I want to pick your brain.”

“About what?”

Last Dawn. Is that Zack’s book?”

Her eyes nearly rolled out of her head. “How much of my stuff have you read?”

Humor danced through his dark gaze. “Everything. I’m a fan.”

“Since when?”

“Since Raven Star started talking nonstop about your books, and our agent said it would make a good movie franchise. I read the first book, then turned around and read everything else.”

Raven Star read her books too? Two huge movie stars were reading her books. Probably shouldn’t have surprised her, considering the studio contacted her agent about the books.

And if he really had read everything else she wrote, that was forty-five books, and several shorts. Holy shit, he read it all? “You’ve been busy.”

He grinned. “Like I said, you’ve been keeping me up at night.”

“Well, I can’t tell you much. Yes, it’s his book, but that’s all I’ll say.”

He bit his bottom lip as he watched her. God, she went gooey. “No hints?” he murmured.

She found her inner flirt and gave him a sassy smile. “Nope, not a one.”

“Then dance with me.”

Damn, he was persistent, and it left her baffled. “Why me?”

“You’re intriguing, sexy, interesting.”

Wait, did Luke Chance just call me sexy?

“One dance, Leona.” God, he had a sexy voice.

“All right.” She caught the bartender’s attention.

Luke smiled and leaned over. “Whatever she has tonight, put it on my bill.”

The bartender dipped his head. “Sure thing, Luke.”

Wow, she was out of her league. And yet, resisting a dance was damn near impossible. Though after this, even if she didn’t find Mona again, Leona was leaving. She’d send a text.

As for Luke picking up the tab. Why not? It wasn’t like he couldn’t handle a few shots of high-end tequila.

Standing, he took her hand and led her to the dance floor, then pulled her into the circle of his arms.

Warmth flooded every inch of her as he leaned his head down to murmur, “What inspires you to write?”

She couldn’t contain the laugh. “You want to interview me?”

He chuckled, his breath fanning her ear. She barely held back the whimper.

“The answer doesn’t change?” he asked.

“Do yours?”

“Depending on the project, it can.”

Her head tipped to the side. “Interesting. Though, no. Life and my imagination are an endless source of inspiration.”

“Not your ex?”

She pulled back, trying not to glare at him, and probably failed. “I’m sorry, how do you know about that?”

“Read about it.”

“Where?” she demanded.

He lifted a shoulder. “I Googled you after I saw you at the studio today.”


“Curiosity. Saw a beautiful woman who looked like she carried the weight of the world. Wanted to understand why. Besides, I couldn’t resist you if I wanted to.”

Mona was dancing with another man, but she caught her eye and gave her a thumbs-up.

Damn it all, Leona wanted to leave, to escape, not sit here and talk about her ex.

She sighed. “I knew going out was a bad idea.”

He paused, but didn’t let her go. “Don’t want to talk about Russell?”

Leona flinched. “You know his name?”

His brow pinched as he pulled her closer. “Sorry, guess I forget not everyone is used to strangers knowing details about their lives.”

“Yeah, not even my readers ask about that stuff in my Instablast group.”

“Probably because you don’t put it out there.” He rubbed his hand up and down her back. “Sorry. Honest. I didn’t think.”

“Look, it’s still fresh, and I don’t want to talk about Russell or my private life. I’m sure you can understand that.”

“Yeah, you’re right. How do I make it up to you?”

Her head tipped, but she decided to roll with it. It felt pretty damned good in his arms. “Don’t bring it up again.”

“Okay. Now, why don’t you seem thrilled with the movie deal? Isn’t that every author’s dream?”

“Oh, that’s easier to discuss. I am, but I’m scared the whole thing will get fucked up in production. It’s my story, my world, and the screenwriter gets first crack, then the director gets to do what they want to the movie.”

“Doesn’t mean they’ll muck up the story.”

“Sure, but with my luck, they will.”

“Not if it’s in the right hands, and I know the producer. He believes in the story, and I haven’t seen him ruin one yet.”

The song ended and she tried to slip away but he pulled her closer. “Don’t go yet.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Not ready to let you go,” he murmured against her ear. “Why so nervous?”

She gulped. “My niece grew up watching you on that show.”

He chuckled. “I’m all grown up now.”

And didn’t that bring the skeevy feeling back?

“Yeah, you are,” she admitted.

They made it halfway through the song before a woman grabbed Luke’s shoulder and gave him a seductive smile. As his grip loosened on Leona, she slipped loose and made her way to the exit where she sent a text to Mona.

Luckily, a cab pulled up.

Before she could second-guess the decision, she gave the driver the hotel’s address.