The Callback is coming November 7th


The Callback is the first book in a spin off series spawned from Falling  Star.  Remember Ella? Well, this book takes place when Ella was still known to most as Raven Star, but it focuses on one of her friends, Luke Chance, a fellow actor. And Leona Shay, an author who wrote a series that were adapted to movies. Neither were looking for love, but he couldn’t resist and chipped away her walls.

Don’t worry, if you were curious about Ryan and Shannon’s book, I think that will be the second book in the Love Behind the Scenes series. And then, their agent, Ella’s brother Sam, might be book three, but we’ll see. First I need to finish the Callback, and let me just say I love Luke Chance. I just hope he can keep Leona who wasn’t ready for the spotlight that’s coming when she gives in to desire.

Here’s the synopsis.

Actors are always waiting for the callback.

Leona Shay isn’t looking for love. Having just gone through a divorce from her high school sweetheart, her world is in upheaval. And things are about to get even crazier after selling the movie rights to her series.

Rising movie star, Luke Chance, could have anyone he wants, but he wants an author who may not be ready for him or anything that comes with being with him.

Luke wants a role in the movie. Leona can’t see him as the lead, not that she has a say in the cast. Their first encounter may be rocky, but he’s not going to let her slip away.

Trust doesn’t come easy for Leona. Tabloids and distance may send her running. How far is Luke willing to chase?

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