Sleepwalker will be here Tuesday. What’s coming after that? I’ll tell you.

Hello everyone.

So you all know Sleepwalker is the next book coming out from me. This is the first book in the Branches of Emrys. If you read Entangled Darkness, you know a little bit about the group. If not, you won’t be lost, everything will be explained in this book.

I can’t wait for you to read about Nate and Savon. I originally wrote the story about eight to nine years ago, but never released it, obviously. It’s been totally revamped and I love the story even more now. That story will be here Tuesday, May 16th.

After that, I’m releasing Blood Bound, sometime in July I believe. I’ll be picking a release date soon, and setting up the preorder. I want to finish a little more first because it’s due to my editor very soon. Keep an eye out for that.

Blood Bound is book 10 in Others of Edenton. This is Declan and Consuela’s story. We’ll see more Erik, some mages, and of course Declan’s kids, Fallon and Devlin. And it sets up book 8 in Seattle. Just trust me on this.

After Blood Bound, it’s a toss up. I’ll probably decide while Blood Bound is with my editor. I have a few options. I need to get back to Gavin to write his story. I know I left him in a bad spot in Back Burn, but he will kick off the series Aftermath. Or I have a secret idea I’ve been kicking around that is contemporary, and will kick off the spin off series from Falling Star. I have a few ideas there. Or, I could go the action adventure romance route, and do another secret project. It will be more or less contemporary, but not quite. Then there’s the second Branches of Emrys book, which is calling to me too. Man, I can’t decide. So if you want to weigh in, comment, please. I love comments.

June 3rd, I’ll be at the Seattle Readers and Writers event. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

Okay, back to work I go. Oh, and I’ll show you the covers for the Sleepwalker and Blood Bound. I promise, I’ll get a date for Blood Bound to you soon.

Thank you for Reading

Brandy L Rivers

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