Deadly Design is coming out October 24th. Yes, that’s book 9 in Others of Edenton.



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Deadly Design
Others of Edenton: Book 8

Coming October 24th, 2016

Some deadly designs can right the wrongs of the past…

Years ago, Erik Mortale loved and lost Monique when he chose his path. He wanted to make a difference, to change the mages’ perspective of Other casters. Erik made great strides until another Necromancer in the same program showed his true colors.

Monique DeSandre has been burned repeatedly by the Silver Council and their misconceptions of Enchanters. The designer has made a name for herself as the leading supplier of magically enhanced clothing. As much as she’s tried to leave Erik in the past, she can’t let go, no matter their differing views.

The new Magister has created a new Diverse Special Forces program. Once again Erik has been brought back as one of the high ranking Enforcers as well as a trainer. However, an elitist mage wants to destroy the group and has chosen Erik as the scapegoat.

With tensions rising, Monique will fight for the man she’s pushed away for years. But is it too late to fix what’s broken? And can they prove Erik isn’t the one behind the ritualistic murders?

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Deadly Design

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