Sweet Tooth is coming September 5th, 2015 – Backburn is coming January 6th, 2017

Sweet Tooth

This book is coming out September 5th, 2015 and is in my editor’s hands as I’m writing this.

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ST Ebook

One taste and he craves more…

Isandro has a sweet tooth only a feisty chocolatier can sate. Rejected years ago, her sudden interest comes as a surprise, but he won’t miss this chance.

Seeing is believing.

Until Arianna caught her now ex-lover cheating, she couldn’t shut the door on Derrick. After a few drinks, she’s ready to take a chance.

Isandro is like nothing she ever expected, but everything she’s dreamed.

Derrick won’t take the hint. Her family doesn’t approve of her choices. Now she will be forced to choose between blood and her heart.


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And for another announcement.


Possibly the last book in the Combustible series will be out January 6th, 2017
(there will be at least one spinoff series)

Backburn EbookSometimes to control a fire you have to start one.

A string of arsons has Officer Marissa Cortez willing to pair up with an old flame in order to find the firebug. She’ll do her best to ignore the chemistry that has never died.

He realized his mistake in the midst of danger.

Seasoned fireman, Dave Metcalf, has a sea of regrets. The biggest was pushing his now ex-wife away while recovering from a bad fire. With her illness, his son comes to live with him again, giving him a new perspective.

Watching a comrade go down pushes Metcalf to help in the investigation.

The spark never died between Marissa and Metcalf. They’ll have to work together to find the culprit and end the wave of destruction sweeping Lakeridge.

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