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Love finding new authors? How about interacting with us. Want to join the discussion with us? You can find me and all of these fabulous authors.

LB Dunbar:
Kaylee Ryan:
Madison Street:
Michelle Dare:
Riley Mackenzie:
Author Missy Johnson:
Velvet Reed Kristine Englefield
Rebecca Brooke
Lisa Suzanne
Author Lisa Edward:
Alexia Purdy:
Author Brittany Jo James
Glenna Maynard:
Author S. Simone Chavous
Olivia Linden:
Kristen Hope Mazzola:
Emily Walker
Josie Bordeaux
Emerson Shaw
Morgan Jane
Lia Fairchild
Michelle Stratton
Sarah M. Cradit
Jenni Moen
Elise Black
Brandy L Rivers
Mecca Cerny (MC Cerny):
Z.B. Heller
Amy Queue (Amalie Silver):
J. Rose Alexander):
Katherine Rhodes:
Beverly Hollowed (Bev Hollowed):
Brandy Mooney:
Tijan Meyer:
Danielle Bannister:


Now, if you like to do group reads and discuss books, you can join us at Reading With My Book Besties. My book is up next, and you can choose from Nights Embrace, In Too Deep, or Heart on Fire.

Come join the discussion, Voting begins in a few days to pick the book. Every three weeks there is a new set of books to choose from from another author.

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