Seductive Solutions is live. Others of Seattle box set coming 6-30 for 99 cents. Changing Destiny will be here 8-31

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Seductive Solutions is available now. If you’re planning to read Changing Destiny and you haven’t read it in Romancing the Paranormal, you can learn more about Scotty here. And yes, you’ll see more Isa and Toryn.

For those of you who need to catch up on Others of Seattle, I’m releasing the box set with the first four titles for 99 cents on the 30th. You can preorder now.

If you’re waiting for Scotty, he needs a solution to his mate problem. You can find out what that was in Seductive Solutions, but Changing Destiny will be here August 31st.


Seductive Solutions 2

Sometimes the only solution is the seductive one…

As a nymph, Scotty needs some level of intimacy to survive. Watching two of his closest friends thrive in a true bond made him realize he would never be free of his mate’s hold. He has sworn off women, letting himself fade away.

Toryn would do anything to save Scotty. The solution involves Isadora and he doesn’t know how to ask. Even if they do restore his health, it’s only a temporary solution.

Isadora knows something is wrong with Scotty. With some digging she finds a solution, one she won’t attempt alone.

The question is, can she convince both men she can break the ties. Bonds of friendship are only so strong—they will have to test those limits to save Scotty from his cruel mate.

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OOS Ebook

This box set is on sale for 99 cents through July 6yh. Don’t wait too long to get this amazing deal

Nights Embrace
It all started with a song.
Roxy was instantly captivated by his voice.
Trevor couldn’t stay away, despite fearing his reality would scare her away.
Everything is about to change. Roxy will learn there’s a whole world she’s only dreamed of.
Can they survive an age old vendetta? Will love prevail? Or will the truth be too much for Roxy?

Storm Mistress
Nothing is as it seems.
Everything Isadora wants is right in front of her. But as her best friend, Toryn is off-limits.
Toryn has a long past full of secrets. Until the truth comes out, she can’t know how he really feels.
When she’s attacked by her own kind the old rules no longer apply.
After a decade of misdirection and omissions, can Isa still trust Toryn’s only goal is to protect her?

Accepting Fate
Accept fate, or it destroys you…
Michael Nights hides his true nature. His first love, Amanda, convinced him he was a monster when she left.
Gwen Fate takes one look at Mike and is captivated. She wants to know all his secrets.
Amanda deLuna has changed, but was it for the better? She can offer Mike what he always wanted.
Mike will have to choose, the life he wished for? Or his fate?

Red Queen
Joey Mullins is the man who got away. Desire will stop at nothing to get the werewolf back in her bed.
When Joey learns Red Queen is playing at the same music festival he goes on high alert. He has no doubt an old flame is out for Sorcha’s blood.
Sorcha has seen Desire use dark magic to manipulate Joey against his will. That doesn’t scare her. She’s willing to fight dirty to keep her man.

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Changing Destiny Ebook

One decision can alter your destiny.

The nymph every woman desired swept Jayde off her feet, but an oath put Scotty in Saressa’s path. To protect Jayde, he did everything in his power to keep her from Saressa’s wicked clutches.

Years later—and finally free—Scotty catches a glimpse of Jayde. After everything he put her through he struggles with the decision to mend their broken love… or let her go.

Convinced she had been wrong about Scotty and their future, Jayde has moved on. An old friend pushes them together, but her heart has been battered.

With her hold on Scotty broken, Saressa will stop at nothing to regain control.

In an effort to convince Jayde she’s the only one, Scotty must rebuild the happiness stolen from them both. Or will Saressa change destiny once again?

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After I finish Changing Destiny I’ll be moving on to either Clint and Emily. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I may take Summer Rhythm that is currently in Summer Fire and make it a full length book. I’m not sure which I’ll be working on first.

If you’ve read one of my books, and especially if you loved it, please, pretty please, leave a review. I love to know what you thought.

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Brandy L Rivers

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