Catch up on the Others of Edenton before Light in Darkness comes out May 4th


Hey everyone. I re-covered the first box set for the Others of Edenton, and released a second one with the rest of the current titles. Light in Darkness comes out May 4th. Now it’s easy to catch up on the Others of Edenton. Here are the covers.

Others of Edenton – Box Set 1

Others of Edenton 1New Beginnings – a Psychic Werewolf can’t resist her new Alpha regardless of past mistakes. The crazy Second would use her to take the pack.

In Too Deep – Widowed Werewolf crashes into Druid who’s given up on men. Sparks fly. Can they survive the Shadowstalkers threatening Edenton?

Deleted Scenes from In Too Deep

Shadows Fall – Amethyst’s ex-warlock won’t let her go. She’ll resort to the magic she hates to get away.

Shadows of the Past – Shadows stalk nymph. Fae sheriff will help her find strength. Amethyst is the only one who can battle the Shadow Fae.

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Others of Edenton – Box Set 2

Others of Edenton 2Fated Love – Does knowing the future every really prepare you for reality?

Falling Into Place – Love isn’t easy. Sometimes it all has to fall apart to fall into place. Two mages will help another heal from her personal hell and help her get revenge.

Breaking Free – Dreamwalker can’t resist a Werewolf he’s drawn to. Can he break free of his past and keep her, or will he run to protect her.

Mending Scars – Edenton’s bad girl was never put first until a cocky mage takes interest. Her father would tear them apart to use her to his own ends.

Labor of Love – Memories not her own made her run. Some one will intervene to bring Darla and Tomahawk back together but is it too late?

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Light In Darkness – coming May 4th 2015

LID nookSometimes light comes from the darkest shadows…

Lincoln, having been sheltered his whole life, is finally finding his path after losing his mother. Gaining confidence isn’t easy, but he can’t resist going after the woman he craves.

Victoria believes she is a monster. Her past is full of darkness and pain, horrors she would protect Lincoln from. Pushing him away proves harder than she imagined now that his heart is set on her.

A secret is revealed when a group of Other hunters come searching for Victoria, putting Lincoln in danger.

Will darkness consume Victoria? Or will Lincoln’s light show her the truth?

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