Accepting Fate is coming 2-23, Light in Darkness is coming 5-4. Don’t forget the blog tour sign ups.

AFLook what’s coming out Monday.

This is book 3 of the Others of Seattle. Find out what Mike really knows. Get to know one of the Silver Council enforcers, Gwen. She’s the one who dove headfirst into danger in Mending Scars, the one who didn’t wait for back up.

Accepting Fate will be live at midnight everywhere.

Accept fate, or it destroys you…
Michael Nights hides his true nature. To protect his first love, his magic broke free, terrifying Amanda so badly she left. That day convinced him he was the monster she claimed. Horrified by the damage he could cause, he’s vowed to keep his power locked away.
Gwen Fate meets Mike at a party. One look and she’s captivated. Inherently curious, she wants to discover all of his secrets. What she learns compels her to help, whether or not he wants to embrace what he is.
Amanda deLuna has changed, but was it for the better? She arrives back in Seattle and offers Mike what he always wanted.
After finally learning to control his power, Mike will have to choose.
The life he wished for? Or his fate?

Coming 2-23, available for Preorder

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Light in Darkness is book six in the Others of Edenton. Lincoln has finally found the balls to go for what he wants, but his secret is about to come out. We finally get to learn Victoria’s past.

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Thank you all for reading, I’ll leave you with some teasers for Accepting Fate.
Brandy L Rivers

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