Face the Music is live! New Beginnings is on Audible! Accepting Fate coming 2-23-15, and other upcoming projects

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been working my tail off and trying to get everything set and ready for everything. Wow, I’ve been busy.

DI Rough

First up, Face the Music is live. It’s an anthology of short stories. Red Queen is in there, you can catch up with Joey and Sorcha and meet his psycho stalker ex. It might be a tad bloody. There are also stories from Sarah M Cradit, Michelle Graves, Felicia Tatum, Michele Breaux-Rowley. I love these ladies. The whole anthology takes place at Bumbershoot which is a big music Festival over Labor Day Weekend in Seattle. If you’d like to check it out, it’s exclusive to Amazon.

Face the Music

NB Audio

Guess what’s live? New Beginnings is out on Audio now, with the amazing Kelley Hazen narrating again. She’s already working on Shadows of the Past. So, if you want to hear Slater and Jess’ story, you can do so here.

New Beginnings on Audible


Accepting Fate

And I just got Accepting Fate back from my awesome editor, and a day earlier than I expected. I’ll be busy this weekend.

You’ll see a new side of Mike 2-23-2015. Mike’s story is already up for preorder. If you’re interested you can find it at the following:

Amazon Googleplay iTunes BN Kobo

And a few side updates.

I’ve seen a few places where people were sad to see the end of Others of Edenton. Oh, I’m nowhere near done with Edenton. While my editor had Mike’s book I was working on Lincoln’s. So I’m still bouncing back and forth between Seattle and Edenton. The further I get, the more the two series interweave.

Also, I’ve joined some amazing paranormal authors for a paranormal anthology coming out in April. It’s called Romancing the Paranormal. Stay tuned for more details. BTW, Kym Grosso, whom I love to death, is in it with me.

Oh, and I do plan another contemporary some time, maybe next year. In the meantime I will have a novella in another anthology in May. The theme is Summer loving. I’m not 100% sure where I’m going just yet, but I have time to figure that out.

Well, I better get to work on revisions so my beta team can take a look at Accepting Fate. I’m so excited about his book. I really am.

Thank you for reading,
Brandy L Rivers

PS. Don’t forget Mending Scars is live.

Amazon iTunes BN Kobo Googleplay

Mending Scars promo

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  1. I love your books! They are so interesting. Once I start a book I can’t seem to put it down. I have ordered all your books that I have found on googleplay. Thank you for the great reading material. Please keep them coming.

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