Heart on Fire is coming 10-20. Preorder links. Trailer and teasers. Plus a teaser for Mending Scars, Breaking Free Giveaway winners


Heart on Fire

It’s coming in 9 days, just in time for Halloween, and yes Halloween plays a role in this sexy, heartwarming story.

One night to be someone else. She wanted to forget her past. No names, no strings. She got what she wanted, and so much more.

Mila is a high school chemistry teacher and a single mother with a daughter she wouldn’t trade for the world. She’s been hurt, and doesn’t trust easy. Cherish and her job make her happy.

Kyle is the fireman who lives next door. He’s been happy alone until he hears playful laughter outside his window. His new neighbors capture his heart.

Can he earn Mila’s trust, and get her to let him in? Or will her past tear apart her future?

Beautiful Young Woman In A Red Mysterious Mask

Available for Preorder

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Portrait of loving sensuality couple in dark

I have a thunderclap going, it’s set to go off the day of release. If you don’t mind helping spread the word, please sign up. It’s just a few simple clicks and the program will post the message to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr

On to other news. For those of you worried, I’m not done with Edenton or Seattle by a long shot. Heart on fire just needed to be told. Mila, Kyle, and especially Cherish were demanding some attention, so they got it. Next up will be Mending Scars. Here’s an update about that.

Mending Scars Print

 Mending Scars

Yup, that’s right. For all my Preston lovers, and Dacia lovers, this is for you. Coming December 29th 2014. It’s already available for Preorder. I’m still writing, but it’s coming along nicely.

 Looking to preorder?

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Teaser one

Oh, one more thing, remember the Breaking Free Giveaway I did. Here are the winners. I’ll be sending email shortly.


Dottie Smeckpeper – signed set of Others of Edneton

Marta Cox – Signed copy of Breaking Free

Shannon Burdsall – Signed copy of Breaking Free

Theresa Easterline – Signed copy of Breaking Free

Sue Lamison Eaton – Signed copy of nights Embrace

Autumn Nauling – Signed copy of Nights Embrace

Anne Marie Carter – Amazon gift card

Colleen Everly – winners choice of signed book


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