Storm Mistress cover, Romance Novel Convention, and coming soon news, UnEarthed and From the Ashes Anthologies

Hey Everyone,

I have some great news.

First, Storm Mistress has a blurb and cover. It will be released in September. I’m completely in love with Toryn Flame and I LOVE Isadora Starling.

Second, I’m going to be at the Romance Novel Convention from July 9th-13th in Las Vegas. If you’re there, come see me.

Third, I have a name for Preston and Dacia’s book. Yes, i said Dacia, but I’ve been hinting at that. Oh, their book is going to be explosive. Nope, no blurb for that, sorry. I still need to finish writing it.

Fourth, I’m going to be releasing a contemporary romance before the end of the year. It was this idea that wouldn’t go away. It’s due to the editor in September. It’s written, but like Storm Mistress needs some work before Tara Shaner gets it.

Oh yeah, Let’s not forget about the UnEarthed and From the Ashes Anthologies, but I’ll get to those in a bit.

Storm Mistress Ebook

Storm Mistress
Others of Seattle: Book 2
by Brandy L Rivers

Coming September 2014

Nothing is as it seems…

Everything Isadora Starling wants is right there in front of her, but Toryn is off limits. He’s her best friend. She’s been denying her heart all these years, afraid to lose him.

Toryn Flame has a long past full of secrets. None of which he can share with Isadora, the only person who truly matters to him. She’s the one woman who has never shown a hint of lust toward him, but even if she did, pursuing her is forbidden.

That all changes when the family Isa doesn’t know decides it’s time to reveal who and what she is. After Isa’s recent attack, their motives are unclear.

His only goal is protecting Isa. Toryn will do everything in his power to keep her safe, including going against orders from his king.

Toryn’s only fear is losing Isa’s trust. Once the truth is revealed, can she forgive him for years of misdirection and omissions? Can she come to terms with a world she doesn’t want or know?

Storm Mistress Print

If you are in Vegas July 9th-13th, I’ll be here

So, Preston and Dacia won’t leave me alone. I can’t wait to dive into their story, but Toryn and Isadora have my attention first. Anyway, you’re going to learn all sorts of things about the two of them. The name of their book is Mending Scars.

And a friend of mine convinced me to put the contemporary I wrote a while back out. So somewhere in there Hearts on Fire will come out. It’s sexy and sweet. I really do love the story, but I guess we’ll see how I pull off contemporary.

Don’t forget that if you love paranormal romance and you hate cancer, you can help me and 11 other fabulous authors support Cancer Sucks with our 99 cent anthology. My book In Too Deep is in there, but thee are 12 books by 12 different authors.


Unearthed Box Set UnearthedFinal


One more thing, the ladies from Dauntless Indies and I put out a group of shorts that all take place at the Krewe of Magus ball. You can catch up with Darla and what happened to her. You’re in for a surprise. Plus learn more about Sarah M Cradit’s Deshanels, Michelle Graves world, characters from Felicia Tatum’s romance, and brand new author Michele Breaux-Rowley.

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As always, thank you for reading. If you’ve read any of my books, and especially if you loved them, please consider leaving a review.

You all are amazing, thank you, you all are the best readers.

Brandy L Rivers

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