Breaking Free is alive, and it’s early

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Hello everyone,

We all know I have no patience and can’t wait for my actual release date. It’s live early.


Prepare to meet Devlin, a Dreamwalker with a past full of secrets. From the moment he lays eyes on Jamie in a dream, he’s drawn to her, no matter the risk. The little werewolf won’t want to let him go, even if it would keep her safe. Devlin’s been taught to run at the first sign of danger, but can Jamie convince him to stay and fight?

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It’s available in a few places, with more to come.

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Romantic couple in a hotel room

Want a preview?

You can read the first chapter here

and see the playlist here

Portrait Of Young Beautiful Woman In Luxury Fur Coat

I hope you enjoy. Either way,  I love to hear from you. Either in a comment, a message, an email or a review.

Thank you for reading,
Brandy L Rivers

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