Nights Embrace news, Teasers, and an excerpt

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Nights Embrace is coming April 2nd 2014. I’m so excited. I have a Release Blitz coming that day. You can sign up here.

My last few beta readers are finishing up with the story. It goes back to the editor the 25th, but I will likely sneak it there a tad early ;). Tara Shaner, you’ve been awesome. I get it back from her the 27th, so April 2nd is release day.


Here is an excerpt:

She slipped past him, and onto the wings of the stage. Her gaze fell on Mr. Voice who was tall, dark and smokin’ hot.

Holy shit, I want to lick him.

Scuffed combat boots were laced up over black leather pants that clung to muscular thighs, and his black shirt molded to the most impressive set of abs she had ever seen. Roxy wanted to trace the ridges with her fingertips.

He turned, his voice dropping low as his eyes locked on hers. His words enveloped her. “… you’re the only one.”

Her heart paused a beat before slamming into her chest at a rapid pace. His full mouth lifted into a grin that spoke of confidence as he held her full attention. Entranced, she fell deep into his eyes and the world stopped.

Until a drumstick hit him in the head. He looked over his shoulder and shrugged sheepishly at his drummer before turning back to launch into the next verse.

Mikey gently shook her shoulder. “Hey, Rox, come on. We have to warm up.”

Her head bobbed in a nod at her brother, but she didn’t look over. She muttered, “Yeah, give me a minute,” or longer.

As if he heard, Mr. Voice glanced over and winked at her before the next song started. “Blinded by beauty, falling at first sight, head over heels…” There was raw passion in his voice, and she couldn’t help wishing he was singing about her.

And those teasers I promised 😉

kissingHappy Young Couple Hugging. First Love Happy Young Couple Hugging. First Love










Oh, just an update. I think for Jamie’s book, I’m calling it Breaking Free. I’m hoping it will be ready no later than July. Anyway, I already started it. I’m excited.

Thank you for reading, and remember, please leave a review if you’ve read the books.

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