Updates and news for Nights Embrace, and All Our Love

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much more. I’ve been busy rewriting, getting ready to move, and all sorts of fun stuff. However, Nights Embrace is nearly finished, at least the writing part. Then it will be fun editing stuff for a month before release. Just means better book at the end.

So, I’ll be doing a cover reveal on March 10th. If you would like to sign up to post it on your website or blog, the sign up form is at the bottom of the page. Here is the rough mini blurb. I’ll be getting more into it in a week or so when I finalize my cover.

I’m setting my release date for April 3rd 2014, but I will try to push it a few days early. Wish me luck. I really want to bring you the best story possible.

Nights Embrace Synopsis

In case you were wondering. Nights Embrace is the first book in the spin off series, Others of Edenton. You will be seeing Fallon and Brody, and you’ll see a few more favorites as Trevor and his clan wind up in Edenton a couple times in the book. From this point on the series bounce back and forth, and you will be seeing some cast from each in the others.

And remember me mentioning All Our Love? I have a novelette coming out with in an anthology with 10 other amazing authors. Fated Love is part of Novel Grounds All Our Love.

My story is Christian and Delilah’s story. You may remember Delilah from Shadows of the Past where she first showed up. Christian is first seen in Falling Into Place. However, sometime between the two stories, Delilah and Christian finally come together. Fated Love is their story.

You’ll have a chance to read it on March 11th 2014 when it releases.



All Our Love


Ooh, and in other news, once I get the move taken care of, and get settled in, while waiting on my editor, I’ll be diving into Jamie’s story. I can’t wait to tell that one. All the twists and turns forming in my head are going to make for an interesting story… I hope. I can’t wait to get back to Edenton.

As always, thank you for those who have left reviews. If you haven’t, you can always do so. I love to hear from my readers. Even if you don’t like something, and explain why, it’s good to know for future books.

If you are looking to catch up on the books, you can do so here. New Beginnings is Free. The first four books are included in a box set if you haven’t started, and then there is the Dauntless Indies: A Collection of shorts that a couple friends and I put out for just 99 cents.


Thank you so much for reading,
Brandy L Rivers

PS. Don’t forget the signups at the bottom of the page. I’d love to have your help promoting the cover reveal March 10th.

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