Teasers, updates, and all of that.

Hello everyone,

Figured I would post a few teasers. First though, I wanted to say thank you for reading my books. You all are amazing. I love to hear from you. Either in a review, a message here or on Facebook. You can follow me in all sorts of ways. To the right there is a widget with most of the ways you can follow me.

I am working hard on Nights Embrace. I have my covers narrowed down. I might do a some kind of voting thing to help me pick between the two I came up with. They’re similar, but I just can’t decide.

Hopefully, in the next day or two, I’ll have a picture teaser or two from Nights Embrace. I might even post the first chapter to the website. It will be rough, and not perfect, but I want to share a bit.

There is a special teaser from my upcoming short in the Novel Grounds anthology All Our Love. Have a great night everyone.

Thank you all for reading. Enjoy the teasers.
Brandy L Rivers

muscular handsome sexy guy with pretty woman, on dark background, kissIn Too Deep 1

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