Novel Grounds is having their Semi-Anual Literary Awards – they are taking nominations

Hi everyone,

Megan at Novel Grounds is running her Semi-Anual Literary Awards. I’m helping spread the word. You can nominuate for me, or another of your favorite authors. Here’s the info, and the form for nominations.

Here is the info she posted

Novel Grounds Literary Awards are OPEN for Nominations!
Please share with you fans

Click here to vote:

Nominations January 11-16 2014

Finalist Notification January 18th

Voting Open January 20th

Winners Announced January 31st

Nomination Rules

Nominations are open January 12-16th 2014

– For each category, please enter in ONE nominee in the form below.
– All Nominations must be entered into the form. NO other form of nomination will count.
– If you would like to enter more than one nominee for a category, submit a new form.

– Include the book name for the category you’re entering a nominee. (ex. Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey)

All Books Nominated must have been published in the last year. January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014.

REMEMBER: This is not the final voting! Please enter only ONE NAME per category. If you have more than one Author to Nominate PLEASE fill out a new form. Thanks !

Click here to vote:

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