Holly Holiday Blog Hop: Brandy L Rivers


Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Holly Holiday Blog Hop!

We’re out to make someone’s Christmas extra special.

With a 7″ Kindle Fire HD up for grabs, we’re bound to do just that!


Christmas for children is all about Santa, presents and family.

This year, the adults are getting something too!

Each stop will have it’s own prizes, so make sure you stop by to visit each one.


Why I love Christmas

I’ve always loved Christmas because we have always made the rounds to all of our family nearby. I grew up going to two, sometimes even four houses for Christmas to spend time with everyone.

Now that I’m married with kids, it’s no different. We go to my In Laws, and then to my grandparents house where my whole family gets together. The kids get to see all of their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Sure my kids they get excited for their gifts, but I probably have the sweetest kids ever. They will sit on laps, and just snuggle for hours. I think it’s a great idea to encourage your kids to enjoy giving. My middle child wants to make cookies and bring them to everyone, which I’m already planning out what kind of cookies we’ll all make.

Personally, I love my family, my in laws too, so I am looking forward to spending the season with them.

Happy holidays everyone. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.



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By the way, I just released a box set for the Others of Edenton with the first four books of my series, and on December 23rd I’ll be releasing Falling Into Place.

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