Shadows of the Past Review Appreciation Giveaway

Hello Everyone.

I told you all I would giveaway a signed set of my books once I hit 25 reviews on Shadows of the Past. Like I’ve done in the past, for more chances to read, put down the permalink to the review in the entry. Yes, I will be verifying the winning entry. There are 10 points for the Amazon reviews for each book, and five for each of goodreads reviews. Only one for liking my facebook or twitter pages.

I will add another prize or prizes at each of this milestones when we reach the following milestones.

50 Amazon reviews reviews on Shadows of the Past
75 Amazon reviews Shadows Fall
100 Amazon reviews on New Beginnings
125 Amazon reviews on In Too Deep

The giveaway is running for over a month. To find it easily, it’s also on my Facebook Page.

sotp 10-19

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