Yay, Falling into Place is doing just that ;)

Hi Everyone,

Happy dance time. This weekend I was pushing through on Falling Into Place and just kept getting stuck, stuck and stuck. We’ll I broke through and it all fell into place… so the pun wasn’t intended, but it’s kind of perfect since that’s the whole basis of the story anyway.

I’m dancing around like a crazy person because it all just clicked and now is flowing even better. It’s funny how the little pieces just kind of push the story forward and then it just starts going where it needs to.

I might just get this first draft done in 9 days after all. Maybe a week and give me a chance to read through and solidify a few things before I start on NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I’m nuts, I want to write a whole story, but it’s sort of a rewrite. I’m taking one I wrote a few years aback and rewriting it into third person. There are things that are going to change, and change a lot. So it’s going to be completely redone, but I’m excited because it’s the first in the Others in Seattle series. They will sync up some, there will be crossovers. You will see Fallon, Brody and Slater in there are one point. In fact, further on down the line, Roxana, her Irish Werewolf and his clan will likely wind up in Edenton permanently.

Overall, I’m just excited and can’t wait to get all of this to you. I’m prancing around like a dork over it. So I’m going to get back to work while it’s all flowing so well.

Thank you everyone,

Brandy L Rivers

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