Shadows of the Past is live. Future Release news.

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited. Shadows of the Past is live. Nook is taking forever. It’s up on Amazon though. And Smashwords. It’s loading on Createspace, so paperback will be available soon.

You can call me crazy. Here is what I’m planning for the next so many months.

October – finish up the first draft to Falling Into Place. I want to get it to beta’s before the end of the month. That’s Robert’s book, and the third book in Others of Edenton.

November – rewrite Nights Embrace. That would be the first book in The Others in Seattle series. I’m hoping to get that done fast. I have it written, but I need to trim a bit out and rewrite it third person so that will be my NaNoWriMo project. And if I have time I’ll finish fixing Storms Collide which is the second book in the Seattle series. In fact, that one is mostly rewritten, but Nights Embrace has to come first.

December – hopefully I’ll have Falling Into Place and Nights Embrace worked out and figure out which will publish first. I sort of want to do Nights Embrace, because once you meet Toryn in Shadows of the Past’s prologue, you may understand why I really want to get to Storms Collide. And then, I can bounce back and forth between the two series which is sort of my goal since i have 4 books written (they need work) in the Others of Seattle series. And yes, there is a ton of crossover. Well… not a super huge amount, but there is crossover in each book.

On a side note, I’m hoping to have the next book in the Others of Edenton figured out by the time I finish Falling Into Place. There are two people who I’m bouncing back and forth on. I just have to decide who makes the most sense.

Well, I’m still sick with the head cold from hell and I have to get up early to get the kids off to school, so I will come back later.

As always, thank you for reading. And don’t forget to leave a review if you haven’t. If you have an even bigger THANK YOU!!

Brandy L Rivers

PS if you are in the Kirkland or Seattle area. I’ll be at NW Bookfest.


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