Just a few updates before i get back to focusing on writing today

Hello everyone,

I’m working hard on Shadows of the Past so I haven’t posted as much. It’s all coming together. No, I don’t have an exact date yet, but as soon as I’m confident it’s getting close, I’ll let you now. Of course, I suck at sticking to an exact date and usually release early. I can’t help it, when I know it’s ready I get excited and hit publish.

Preston keeps trying to steal the show. It’s hard not to let my favorite cocky mage do just that, but he’ll have his own story further on down the line.  And Hayden, mmm, Hayden… so he’s growing on me more than I thought he would. I mean I always liked the guy, but now I’m sort of starting to love him.

There are things going on at my page. A few giveaways are still around if you haven’t entered.

Review Appreciation Giveaway
Shadows Fall Release
My Birthday Giveaway

By the way, the Review Appreciation Giveaway has a new prize I’m about to add because In Too Deep has 100 reviews now. Shadows Fall is at 23, and at 25 I’ll add another. If New Beginnings makes it to 75, there will be another. So, if you’ve read any of the books and haven’t, please do leave a review. I do truly appreciate them.

There is also a Birthday Bash going on, on Facebook. My friend Tarnya Rutherford set it up and who can say no to a birthday party. There will be a lot of prizes for you to win. I’m assured the games will be fabulous and it has an Edenton theme. However, there are other authors participating, and their books are part of the prizes. So if you like the facebook events, come join us. You all are welcome, and invite your friends.

In November I will be hanging out at Northwest Bookbash with Magen McMinimy. I’m incredibly excited. I can’t wait. So if you’re in the area, you should definitely come see us.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone. You all are amazing. The support I’ve received from all of you is tremendously uplifting. I can’t wait to get more books out to you.

Okay, I’m going back to writing. You all have a great day.
Thank you
Brandy L Rivers

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