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Magen & Brandy


Hey everyone,

I have some exciting news. The lovely Magen McMinimy and I will be at Northwest Bookfest November 2-3. We’ll be sharing a booth, so come find us at McMinimy & River’s Paranormal Seductions. I am so excited. We’re going to have a blast. On a side note, if you have some kind of advice or suggestion, I am all ears, or eyes.

Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall is close to ready. I’m waiting on a bit more feedback from some awesome people. Technically it’s a novelette. I had to look that up 😉 I’m thinking of doing a release day blitz sort of thing, so if you are an author or a blogger who wants to post the guest blog type deal, I have a form you can fill out here. I’ll send you all the info, and since the plan is the 26th . I’ll say that date. If you want to post it once it’s officially published (sooner) that works.

Some Shadows of the Past news. My new goal is late October. Magen and I are planning something for it. So keep an eye out for that.

Another huge thank you to all of you for making the first two books so successful, I’m still blown away by your reaction to the Others of Edenton. Really, truly I am. I received the sweetest note on Goodreads from a reader, and I wrote her back of course. I do love hearing from all of you.

Don’t forget the Review Appreciation giveaway if you’re interested. You can find it here.

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Thank you for reading,

Brandy L Rivers

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