Review Appreciation giveaway (another one)

Hi Everyone,

I promised another Review Appreciation Giveaway when New Beginnings made it to 50 Amazon reviews. Well, I’m there, so here we go.

Same as last time, the more reviews, the more prizes. If we get In Too Deep to 100, I’ll throw in another set of signed books.

If New Beginnings makes it to 75, I’ll throw in more swag, and a signed copy of New Beginnings. We’ll see if i have more In Too Deep here by then.

You have until September 6th to get those reviews in.

Old reviews count of course, and new reviews are always welcome. I’m not picky on country either. Just share the permalink. I’ll admit, I usually check the US, but I know I have readers in the UK, and I’ve even sold a few books in Germany.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, I truly appreciate the reviews, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all rock.

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Ooh, one more thing. Shadows Fall will be coming out soon, if that makes 25 or 50 before September 6th, I’ll add even more prizes.

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