Just finished tweaking Shadows Fall’s cover. Some news, and a big thank you readers

Hello everyone,

Just stopping in to say hello. I’m super excited. I can hardly believe how well both New Beginnings and In Too Deep are doing. You’ve all been amazing. I love hearing from all of you. In fact, after New Beginnings receives just one more Amazon review, I plan to run another giveaway with a signed pair of my books.

In other giveaway news, I’m planning a big one with other authors, a few bloggers and a jewelry maker. It will run from August 24th-31st in honor of my birthday which is the 30th. If you’d like to be a part of the rafflecopter, you can plug in your info into this form.

On to Shadow Falls. It’s a short, so I don’t blame you if you aren’t into them. I’m also going to enroll it into KDP Select for three months. Then I’ll decide what to do with it from there. This story is Amethyst’s. It covers what made her leave San Francisco, and because some of what happens doesn’t totally fit with Shadows of the Past, I’m releasing it separately.

Shadows Fall

Here is the improved cover. The story will be out August 26th, maybe a touch earlier. Now I need to go back to work on Shadows of the Past. It’s getting good too.

Thank you all,
Brandy L Rivers

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