I’ll be releasing a short called Shadow Falls later this month. It comes after In Too Deep but before Shadows of the Past.

Hi Everyone,

Wow, I actually managed to write a short. And since it didn’t make the anthology I tried for, I’m going to release it separately later this month. At this point I believe I will put it on KDP Select which means it will be Kindle Only, and it will go up for 99 cents. My my birthday is coming up August 30th, so I will give it 3 free days if I go that route, and then I’ll promote the crap out of it so you all know when to download it. I need to check the agreement, but if they don’t say I can’t, I will likely post it on my website for everyone to read.

Shadows Fall

The short is called Shadow Falls, and it takes place right after In Too Deep, and just before Shadows of the Past. You’ll see the real reason Amethyst left San Francisco, and get a deeper look into what happened than the next book gives you.

I’ll be adding a synopsis, playlist and all the usual stuff a little closer to release. For now, here is the cover

New Beginnings and In Too Deep are still doing amazingly well. I’m on top 100 lists for both books, both in the US and UK. I think that makes me an Amazon International Bestseller. Hey, I’ll take it. I never really knew what to expect when I put In Too Deep out there. I certainly didn’t expect as great as a response as I received, but I really, truly appreciate it. I love you all, you all rock.


My Giveaway is coming to an end. I still need 5 more reviews on New Beginnings at Amazon to add another set of signed books. 12 more for In Too Deep at Amazon to add some swag, which should be here any day. I can’t wait for the swag so I can post the pictures which are awesome. Thank you Tarnya Rutheford.

BTW, I posted a couple new Featured Author pages. M.A. Grant and Elizabeth James. Go check them out.

Thank you all for reading,
You really do know how to make my night.
Brandy L Rivers



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