My readers rock. Just thought I’d give you all a quick thank you.

Hello everyone,

I know I may have mentioned it a time or few, but I love my readers. You all are amazing. I love reading comments on my facebook page or even my website. Your reviews tend to make my day. You all have been wonderfully supportive. Thank you, really and truly.

I’m still in awe of the fact that both book shave been on top 100 genre lists, and stayed there for a while, in the UK too. The fact that I ranked in the UK at all sort of blew my mind, but thank you all the same.

I’m currently working on Shadows of the Past, and it’s getting good. The more I comb through what I already had written, the more I can delve in and add more depth and detail. I know a lot of you can’t wait for Hayden, but I intend to make the wait worth it.

I still have that review appreciation giveaway going. So if you’re one of the lovely people who took the time to write a review, click here. I am definitely sending a signed pair of the books to the winner. If New Beginnings makes it to 50 before it ends on the 8th, I’ll add a second winner who will received their own signed pair of books. If In Too Deep makes it up to 100 reviews, I’ll add some nifty swag I should be getting before too terribly long. I’ll post pictures once I have it.

That reminds me, I was talking about having some mugs or shirts made. I still intend to look into it. It just slipped my mind, but the weekend is fast approaching, so I should be able to manage.

Again, a great big thank you everyone. I really do appreciate it.

Brandy L Rivers

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