Both In Too Deep and New Beginnings are on genre top 100’s on Amazon. I’m so excited. Thank you readers

Hello everyone,

Just writing to tell you thank you for all the wonderful feedback on both books. I love reading what you have to say about the Others of Edenton series.

Both Paperbacks

I love my new cover for In Too Deep. It matches so nicely with New Beginnings. Now I just have to figure out how to make my vision for Shadows of the Past cover match with the other two. I think I know how, for the most part. It’s funny though, I’ve had the idea for the cover for a while now. Heck, before I even had the cover for New Beginnings figured out.

Out Now

Last I checked In Too Deep was 74 on Amazon’s top 100 witches and warlocks paranormal romance. New Beginnings was #80 on Amazon’s top 100 werewolves. Can you tell I’m a little excited about that news? I totally am.

I’m working on Shadows of the Past now. It’s going good. Writing Amethyst and Hayden is going well. It’s so much easier than Jess and her damned visions.


Remember, there’s a giveaway for the people who have written reviews for In Too Deep and New Beginnings on Goodreads and Amazon. Here’s the link for the giveaway.

Thank you all for reading.
Brandy L Rivers

PS. I took a friend a copy of New Beginnings.

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