New Beginnings is so close, I can’t wait to publish it :)

Hello everyone,

So I’m up before I wanted to be, but no big deal. I can’t wait for Createspace to approve the brand new cover for In Too Deep. It looks awesome. At least I think so. Remember, I’m not a professional graphic artist, but it turned out pretty well considering. The old cover was just kind of blah with the black and white. I figured out how to match I to the kindle version. The spine is missing, but it is just my name and the title.

I2D new cover

I believe the print is on hold until they approve the cover. If you are looking for the paper back, bear with me, it will be available shortly. I want my covers to follow a theme, and I already have a plan for the third book.  Fourth will be a bit more difficult.

NB Official

Final touches are going into New Beginnings. I just need to write acknowledgements, and make a reference guide to go at the back. I was thinking about doing it in the front, but I decided I like it in the back. I am really excited about it. I will need to alter the cover of New Beginnings to match the font for In Too Deep, and take out that black bar. I can do it in an hour or less, so no biggie.

The 29th is the official release date. There is a slight possibility I will release early, but don’t hold your breath. I’m ahead of schedule so it’s a possibility. I want to have it out there as soon as I can, but I want it to be perfect too.

That reminds me, Thank you to all the wonderful people who have left reviews so far. I’m up to 60 Amazon reviews, and a good portion on Goodreads. Reviews make a world of difference. Some people won’t look

Just 15 more and I will start the special giveaway for a signed copy of New Beginnings and In Too Deep (which will have the pretty new cover).

I will have a big giveaway going on from the 20th-29th. If you are an author or blogger and want to add something to it, either find me on facebook or email me at

Thank you for reading,
Brandy L Rivers

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