New Beginnings will be here soon. A few updates, and thank you :)

Hello Everyone,

I’m still editing. Don’t worry, I’m so close, and I have three more weeks. I’m so excited to get this book out to you. Really, I am.

My 13 year anniversary is July 29th, which is my release day. That’s why I’m not going to attempt one of those launch parties. I am going to do a big giveaway with some authors and a blogger or few. The Rafflecopter will start on July 20th, and end on July 29th. If you’re interested in being a part of that, email me at

In Too Deep is still doing great. I’m up to 54 reviews on Amazon US with an average rating of 4.7 which rocks.Thank you, all of you really. I do appreciate it. I was so nervous when I first released because I wasn’t sure it was good enough. Now, I’m just excited I finally put the book out there.

Now, if I can get 75 reviews before July 29th, I’ll do a special giveaway for a signed copy of In Too Deep and New Beginnings. I’m going to change the In Too Deep cover to match the Ebook, and have the back look more like New Beginnings. The point is, if you read In Too Deep, and especially if you love it, please, pretty please, write a review over on Amazon.

I plan to include the first chapter of Shadows past in a Newsletter in about a week. Later it will go up on the website, and it will be in the back of New Beginnings.

Okay, now I’m going back to work, just thought I’d give you an update.

Thank you,

Brandy L Rivers

PS. I made a couple teasers. One For New Beginnings, and one for In Too Deep.

Slater sees jess


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