Happy Fourth of July, stay safe.

Hello everyone,

Happy Fourth of July. I hope you all have a fun but safe time. I’m not saying don’t be a wannabe pyro. Just use a little caution with the fireworks.

I think all my big revisions are done for New Beginnings. Now I just have to smooth out the little kinks like line editing and stuff.  Blah, but I want it perfect so I will do it. And I’ll have to fix up the first chapter of the third book to include at the back of the book.

As always, I appreciate all the amazing things you all have told me about In Too Deep, and even the few critiques. No one likes hearing their story isn’t perfect, but let’s face it, not everyone will love every book, and I’m happy to learn from my mistakes. So if you haven’t reviewed it, I urge you to. I’m at 47 Amazon reviews, and I would love to get to 50 before July 29th when New Beginnings comes out.

I have a busy Independence Day, so I may not be around much, so enjoy yours. I know I will.

Here a few tidbits. The first chapter for New Beginnings has been updated and posted, but will probably have a few minor changes before the 29th. You can request my autograph for your ebook at authorgraph. There is a link on the right, just click the widget. And New Beginnings will be out the 29th, I can’t wait to get it to you.

Thank you for reading,
Brandy L Rivers

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