Thank you, all of you. In Too Deep made #47 on Witches and Warlocks. Look for a teaser on my facebook author page later.

Hello everyone.

Thank you, all of you. I made it to #47 on Amazon’s Witches and Warlocks list and was ranked at 7206 over all for a little while. It made me dance around and make a bunch of noise. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but it’s all good. He doesn’t quite understand. I would love to break into the werewolf top 100 with In Too Deep, but maybe next book which is all werewolves. There are just so many great werewolf books, so we’ll see.


Anyway, I’m making huge progress with the book. I’ll have the book back in my beta’s hands before Monday, and I’ll start combing through for all the little things while they have it. I want to make my self-imposed deadline.

If you keep an eye on my facebook page, I’ll probably post a teaser later today.  I should, I haven’t in a while. Just been so busy editing. So leave me a comment here, or at facebook to tell me what kind of teaser you want.  I’ll find one tonight.

Don’t forget, New Beginnings comes out July 29th. I can’t wait.

I2D and NB

Oh, and this was just kind of fun. Have you heard of Authorgraph? It’s a free service to request an autograph for your favorite ebooks. In Too Deep is on there, and I plan to add New Beginnings as soon as it’s live.

One more thing, I truly appreciate all the positive feedback and reviews from you all. You have no idea how happy it makes me to read the reviews. You all have been truly amazing. Keep it up, it’s a huge motivator to make the next books rock even harder.

Thank you for reading,

Brandy L Rivers

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