Congratulations to the winners of my 1500 Likes Giveaway.

Congratulations to all the winners. I sent one email to double check email addresses, but I BCC’ed everyone to make sure no email address would bounce. I have contacted all the authors, you should be hearing from them shortly. I have sent my winners their book already.

winner prize author
Tina Hammond In Too Deep Brandy L Rivers
Holly Craft In Too Deep Brandy L Rivers
Kim Perry In Too Deep Brandy L Rivers
Tiffanie Jones Eternal Service Regina Morris
Kirsteen E M Boyd Love by Design Elizabeth James
Heather Reed Save Me LJ Baker
Suzy Clark Deer In Headlights Staci Hart
Tracy Graczykowski Volumes 1-3 Faction Stories J Rose Alexander and Simon Archibald
Kris Dickinson Love Realized Melanie Codina
Chelsea Pulver Consensual Katherine Rhodes
Robbie Bauldree Sarah Daltry A Touch of Venus
Melissa Mizzoni Sarah Daltry A Touch of Venus
Tammy Cambell Sarah Daltry A Touch of Venus
Marcel Keesing Sarah Daltry A Touch of Venus
Angel Wolf Imortal Craving Magen McMinimy
Maureen H Di Brienza Set of Gina L Maxwell’s postcards Seductive Romance Reviews
Kasi Smoot McKenna In Spades K Pinson
Shasha Thomas Save My Soul Kristie Haigwood
Myra Espino Reconnected Bethany Daniels
Kaci McVay A Cat’s Chance in Hell Sharon Hannaford
Jackie Pressley Between the Seasons Cassie Giovanni
Kim Mathon Walking in the Shadows Cassie Giovanni
Jen Kyle St Charles at Dusk Sarah M Cradit
Maria Conn-Getz Coulda Woulda Shoulda  Danielle
Meghan Mack Coulda Woulda Shoulda  Danielle
Christina Galbraith-Pompa Coulda Woulda Shoulda  Danielle
niki Thomas The Boomerang Effect Lindy Spencer
Shirley Williamson Ellie Stanton Aurora Zhani

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