I’m planning to release New Beginnings toward the end of July

Hello everyone,

It is looking like end of July for New Beginnings to be released. I’m still fixing some scenes. Jess is a pain to write, but I love her. The problem is finding the balance between showing too much in her visions and not. I don’t want to spoil everything too early, that’s never fun. So wish me luck while I work it out.

Thank you everyone who has read In Too Deep, and for all the kind words. I am always so honored and flattered to hear the good things you all say about it. If you haven’t written a review and you have time, please do. I love to hear from everyone.

If you haven’t read In Too Deep, it’s still just $.99 for the ebook and you can find it pretty much everywhere. I do plan to raise the price eventually. I haven’t decided if that will be before or after I release New Beginnings, but I promise to warn you all at least a week before I do in case you are waiting to pick up the book.

I ordered a box of books and already sent out all my signed ones. I’ll post a form for those interested when I get my next box in.

Okay, I’m going back to work so I can send this draft off to beta’s tomorrow or the next day. I really want to get this next book out to you as quickly as I can.

Thank you

Brandy L Rivers

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