New Beginning updates, the first chapter is now on the site, and other news.

Afternoon everyone,

New Beginnings is coming along. It’s not as far as I wanted but I finally smoothed over the real problem scenes. I should have this draft to several beta readers by June 1st. If you are interested, leave me an email. Jess and her damned visions are going to be the death of me 😉 To see their first chapter (minus one scene that hasn’t been written yet) you can read it here.

If you’re interested in winning a signed copy of In Too Deep, you can enter at Goodreads.
In Too Deep is still just ¢99 if you haven’t read it. And if you have, please do post a review. I love to hear from the readers.

Just a reminder, I have a 500 Likes Giveaway going on at my Facebook page.

And if you’re looking for a good book besides mine 😉 you may want to check out these other indie authors.

LJ Baker wrote a touching story that takes place during a Zombie Apocalypse. Love the characters, especially Dan. You can find it here.

Melanie Codina wrote a true to life romance about two friends who find love even when everything falls apart around Gillian. You can find it here.

Lindy Spencer wrote a mystery that really keeps your interest. You can find that here.

I haven’t had time to read much else, but I’ll post more when I get a chance. I need to get back to editing to have New Beginnings out in July.

Thanks again for reading,


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