Updates on New Beginnings, and thank you readers.

Hello everyone,

You guys have been great. I truly appreciate all the kind words. I love the feedback I’ve been getting and the awesome reviews. There are even a couple over on amazon.co.uk which I didn’t really expect, but is pretty sweet. Thank you so much guys.

If you loved the book and you haven’t yet, please post a review at your favorite retailer and/or goodreads if you have the time. Reviews help other people see the book since no one really knows who I am yet. I would appreciate it tremendously, even if it’s just a few short sentences.

I’m planning to have the first chapter for New Beginnings on the website on Monday at the latest. I’ll try for sooner. I’m still planning July to be the release month, but I haven’t set a date.

If you’re interested in winning some great ebooks, mine included, check out the rafflecopter. http://bit.ly/12clzfO

I’m going back to editing now. I just wanted to thank you guys again.


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