Reviews and ginourmous thank you!

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited. I finally received my first two reviews from bloggers. Tomorrow RR@H will post my guest blog. I have received nothing but positive feedback from those of you who have left comments on this site, on my facebook or in reviews. I appreciate all the kind words and I’m working extra hard to finish New Beginnings for you. Really, thank you.

If you loved the book, please post a review at your favorite retailer or on goodreads. I love to hear from all of you.

To check out Liezel LovesBooks review, check her blog at:
She even posted pictures of her choice for casting 😉

To check out Miranda’s review on Mommy’s a bookwhore, go here:

Remember, the guest blog won’t be up until tomorrow, but I’ll post the link on my facebook and twitter when I see it.

Thank you everyone, I really do mean that.
Brandy L Rivers

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PS. I’ve had a few requests for signed copies and a way to by them. I’ll have to work on that. I honestly never expected anyone but friends and family to really want them so I hadn’t really put a plan in place. Give me a few days and I’ll set something up 🙂

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