If you’ve read In Too Deep, please post a review. You would be amazed how much it helps new authors.

If you’ve read In Too Deep, and especially if you loved it, please write a review either at Amazon, Goodreads, or where you bought it. All of the above work as well. The more positive reviews I get, the more people will want to buy the book. Believe me, reviews go a long way to promoting a new author’s book



Jess and Slater’s story is running longer than I initially intended. It’s still going to be shorter than In Too Deep and I will still post it for free once it’s done, but every time I think I’m to the last couple chapters something seems to happen. By Monday, I hope to be editing. Maybe this weekend I’ll post a little snippet.

And if I can find a good picture that fits Brody, I will make a teaser picture for In Too Deep, but I’m just not finding the right guy.

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