Getting close

I’m finally done with my last revisions. Now I just need to read through the story a few more times and polish it up. Give me a couple more weeks, and I should have In Too Deep up on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. I’m also going to be checking into Createspace for print copies.

I’m ready to dive into next one.

2 thoughts on “Getting close

  1. Hi Brandy,
    Just pooped into your website. Its cool.
    Im a published author too with the First part of my trilogy: The Chrysanthemum Trilogy now listed. The other two parts will follow shortly. I also have 5 volumes of Poetry, published.

    In 2015, Im starting a long series of books on Astrology and Fiction combined. Your Monsters and Magic background intrigued me. Im wondering how I could combine Astrology, Magic and Monsters-but have no clue yet. I think there is a market for such writing.

    My trilogy is New Zealand based and incorporates some of the myths and legends of the Maori people. This is where I get my background knowledge of mysticism and magic and monsters.

    I will read some of your books soon to get an idea of how you conceive these ideas. Hope to do so soon.

    This email is just to introduce myself, say hello and tell you that you are beautiful!

    Keep in touch, if you like.


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